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Central Vacuum Service

Having a problem with your central vacuum?  Call our office and talk to a technician and we can possibly diagnose the problem over the phone.  But here are the common items that we sometimes need to fix:

The carpet brush motor runs but the brush doesn’t spin, or it doesn’t spin very well. 

This is simple…change the belt on the carpet brush.  If you’re in Manteca and want to drop by our office we can do this for you, but it only takes a Phillip’s screwdriver and a little know-how to replace a $3 belt.  Change the belt once a year for improved performance.

The carpet brush runs, but there is no suction.

Make sure the unit in the garage is plugged in to a working electrical outlet.  Some units have a reset button that may need to be pushed if the internal circuit breaker was tripped.  There is an AUTO/MANUAL switch that will allow you to turn the unit on (switched to manual).  If you can turn the unit on in the garage, but not from the hose, there may be a problem with the hose or the switch in the hose.  Again, bring the hose (and carpet brush) into our office and we can service it quickly.

If you cannot turn on the unit using the AUTO/MANUAL switch, there may be a problem with the unit itself.  We can send a technician on site to diagnose and repair the unit.

The unit does not shut off.

The switch on the central vacuum unit should be in the AUTO mode.  If you have to “unplug” your central vacuum to turn it off, there is either a short in the wiring or a stuck relay that needs to be replaced.  Schedule a service call with our office to fix this problem.

Low or no suction.

This can be a clog in an attachment or the piping, or a break in the piping.  We have some techniques to determine the problem.  Call our office and speak to a technician to diagnose.  We usually need to come on site to fix a clog or repair a pipe.

For best results:

Empty your central vacuum canister two to three times per year.  Replace your carpet brush belt once a year.  Hang your hose up properly.  Do not keep the hose in a “kinked” position when put away…this can damage the wiring in the hose.

Instruction Manuals:

instruction-img DSC PC1832/1616 Manual PowerSeries PC1832 Quick reference manual Alarm Cheat Sheet - 1832
instruction-img DSC PC5010/1555 Manual Power5010 Quick reference manual Cheat Sheet - 5010
instruction-img DSC PC1550/1500 ManualPC1500