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Central Vacuum

Anybody who has had a central vacuum in their home knows what a great tool they can be for the cleanliness and health of their environment. A central vacuum moves all of the noise, dust and debris of a traditional upright vacuum into the garage or utility room. Our 30 foot or 35 foot long hose simply plugs into one of several “inlets” positioned strategically throughout your home. With a flip of a switch you have three to five times the power of a standard upright vacuum without all the noise and weight. A variety of tools allow you to clean in many places your vacuum cannot. Plug into your electric beater brush for cleaning carpets, or your bare floor tool for cleaning hard flooring such as tile, laminate, or hardwood. Reach high places to clean cobwebs off your ceiling, vacuum your ceiling fans or window treatments. This is all possible with the standard attachments that come with your AHS central vacuum. A utility valve on the central vacuum unit and a “car care kit” will give you an easy way to clean the garage or vacuum out your autos.

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Most people don’t realize that it is possible to have a central vacuum installed in their existing home. Most single-story homes can be plumbed. And many two-story homes as well. Call our office to schedule a free estimate.